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Project Overview

How A Gaming Company Succeeded With insaneX's Social Media Online Marketing Services


They chose a custom “Maximize Results” package from insaneX Internet Marketing Agency, which included organic content posting and paid advertising efforts. The package also included regular strategy recommendations, inbound engagement monitoring, as well as monthly analytics reporting.

Growing a Social Community in a Niche Market

A social media specialist with insaneX Internet Marketing Agency helped the advisory firm create five industry-specific posts (per week) on each of the following channels: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These posts were a combination of both branded and 3rd party content, following a varied, planned content calendar.

Along with this regular organic posting, insaneX developed and managed an assortment of social media advertising campaigns, while A/B Testing different variations.

  • Follower Growth Campaign:

    Gaining followers was the purpose of these ads. They were targeted specifically to those w/ potential interest in the services and content that the advisory firm shared to their page.

  • Brand Awareness / Website Traffic Campaign:

    The purpose of this campaign was to spread awareness of their available and upcoming games, and, secondarily, drive traffic to the website. The ads were targeted specifically to those who may have been interested in their products.

  • Remarketing Ads for Kickstarter Campaigns:

    An intentional and thought-out strategy was put in place around each Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to maximize awareness and pledges, which included collecting an audience of interested people to remarket to when it came time to launch.

  • Organic Post Boosting:

    “Boosting” specific branded content on Facebook and Instagram to increase the reach and engagement of the posts, turning them into a “short-term” advertisement. We targeted these boosts specifically to those who may have been interested in the particular topic or product of each piece of content.

In addition to these posts and campaigns, insaneX also systematically reviewed all comments and interaction on the company’s social profiles, responding to all questions and continuing conversation initiated by followers.

Social Media Management Results

  • Facebook:

  • Within the first few weeks of working with insaneX, the company’s Facebook reach and post engagement increased significantly, and continues to improve steadily each month. insaneX has been handling their account for 4 months now and they have reached a total of 290,137 people and created 118,177 post engagements. These stats continue to grow by approximately 50-100% each month.

  • Due to the post boosting and a low-budget follower growth campaign, this gaming company earned 1.6K new Facebook followers in its first month working with insaneX, and this following continues to grow steadily by ~ 750 people per month (budget adjustments have been made affecting these results)

  • Instagram:

  • This gaming company had a Twitter account previous to working with insaneX, but was not actively posting content or engagement on this channel. Organic engagement was non-existent, and no content had been posted in months. insaneX’s management of this Twitter account is purely organic only — no paid advertising or tweet boosting has been implemented on this channel.

  • Since insaneX took over managing this profile, their Twitter following has increased by 155 new followers.

  • Twitter engagement has skyrocketed. Average organic impressions have nearly quadrupled, increasing from an average of 6.9K impressions / month to an average of 23.5K impressions / month (with some months reaching over 40K). Profile mentions have also increased by over 3-fold, growing from an average of 15 mentions per month, to now receiving an average of 50 mentions/month.

In addition to these posts and campaigns, insaneX also systematically reviewed all comments and interaction on the company’s social profiles, responding to all questions and continuing conversation initiated by followers.


New Followers



New Followers



New Followers


Social Advertising Campaign Results

  • Brand Awareness Campaigns:

    These strategically-targeted ads and boosted posts generating significant video views and impressions, and also produced a huge boost in off-site traffic to the either the company’s website or their crowdfunding campaign page, as well as 4 months of activity with a total advertising spend of $4,425.00 produced:

  • 12,282 link clicks (at an average cost per click of just $0.36)

  • 28,954 video views (at an average cost per view of just $0.15)

  • 290,137 people reached

  • 773,674 Impressions

Kickstarter Campaign: These campaigns were strategically planned to spread awareness to both current followers as well as new faces during the momentum-building period (time period and advertising budget varied for each individual campaign). These people were then moved down the funnel and retargeted closer to and during the campaign to collect pledges.

The most recent kickstarter campaign produced nearly a 10x Return On Ad Spend; with just a $400 budget spend, it generated $3,531.00 of funds in the first 10 days of the campaign alone (campaign is still active).


If you’re a gaming company hoping to

1) build a community for your clients,

2) target those who might be interested in using buying your products or backing your crowdfunding campaigns, and

3) share the story of your mission online, then social media marketing may very well be a great solution for your business!

insaneX’s social media specialists can help you acquire new clients and better engage your target groups about your financial solutions.

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